> Archie & Horatio

What's this?
How did they get in?
There is cats in this small computer!
Little Horatio sleeps with Big Horatio
Horatio sleeps a lot
Horatio and his girlfriend (both adopted)
Horatio falling in asleep
We are Best Friends Forever
Lazy Kittens
Archie and Horatio sleep together
Horatio(top) and Archie are wrestling
Archie, "I'm not let it go!"
Archie catching a "bird"  (Horatio on the right)
Cute Horatio
Zen Horatio
I can get down by myself
Going down is more difficult but I can do it!
"Hoooo, what's this?"
Are you taking a picture of me?
I ate too much
It's a nice sunny day, isn't it?
I'm gonna get you someday....
It's a nice sleeping spot
Let me sleep....
Moko and Archie